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About Maraluna

Maraluna is a consciously curated neighborhood shop in Oakwood, Ohio dedicated to connecting global communities through ethical and sustainable goods that nourish the soul.


We believe what we source is as important as how we source. Maraluna consciously curates handcrafted goods for the home and self. We are part of a maker-led movement, building a circular economy by transforming trade into a force for good. We are committed to making ethical and sustainable goods more accessible. We recognize that challenging global inequities requires addressing systems that harm people and the planet. Transparency is important to us, which is why we believe in building relationships and thoughtfully sourcing each product we carry.

Our Ethos


Goods that Nourish the Soul


Nourishing the Soul through Community


We take our time to carefully assess the brands we carry, ensuring that their values align with our commitment to fair trade business standards, environmental sustainability, and investing in community both locally and globally.

Our Values


Traditional manufacturing is not fair. We are committed to going beyond fair wages, building a circular economy that confronts and challenges global inequities through collaboration and trust.


Investing in community, both locally and globally is at the heart of how we work. We believe that the relationships we nurture allow us to grow together and build a more just future.


Ethical and sustainable are our norm. We are committed to incorporating transparency into how we source and operate as a business, knowing the origin of each item we carry.


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