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Felt Orchid Pot

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Color: Fuchsia

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"I placed one of these in my office and it brightened the whole place up!" - Amanda F.

Each Felt Orchid Pot is a gift in itself! A bead-filled base stays steady as the delicate orchid curves like it's the real thing. Choose from a yellow pot with vibrant fuchsia buds, or a fuchsia pot with white and orange petals. These fool-proof felt plants are for the green thumb and the plant killer alike. Set on your desk, guest room, coffee table or book shelf.

  • Felted wool, poly fill
  • Azo-free dyes, eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Orchid stem: 16" long
  • Pot: 4.25" tall x 4" diameter
  • Pot filling: Recycled PVC pipes in pellets,

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